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THAT Toronto Studio offered us a professional, flawless, and convenient experience.  The studio was clean and well equipped; the owner made the directives on how to use the equipment clear and provided us maximum flexibility to encounter our needs.
CBC's The Nature of Things w. David Suzuki

Daniel Morin, Producer


What is THAT Toronto Studio?

We are a Toronto photography studio. We rent out our space.

We primarily rent out our space for Photography, Videos, TV/Film, Commercials, etc, but we also do private event/party rentals.  Check available times and Instant Book by clicking BOOK NOW to rent our studio loft.

If you do not need to rent our photography studio, and just want a photoshoot:


Key Features of Our Toronto Photo Studio Rental

You will love 😍 

  • – Easy, autonomous access. Enter & leave the studio as you please.
  • – Rent the entire photo studio to yourself.  You and your crew won’t be sharing the space with other renters.
  •  – Check available times and BOOK NOW, with instant confirmation.

Your camera will love 😍

  • – Abundant natural light. Massive South-facing windows
  • – 996 sq.feet of shooting space comfortably holds 40 people.
  • – 5500K all white, makeup area & room lighting.
  • – The epic LIGHTING you can rent!


Your team will love 😍

  • – Our bright, open feel from our tall 14′ ceilings.
  • – Comfortable furnished lounge seating area
  • – 100mbps super high speed wifi.
  • – Washroom / change room inside the studio.

For specific details, what’s nearby, and parking map: 

Please see our STUDIO FEATURES page for detailed information, or to rent our Toronto photo studio, hit BOOK NOW.


We offer different rates based on the intended usage of the studio.

BASIC USE 📸  Basic commercial use is permitted under this package (i.e. catalogue shoots, basic press photos, headshots, etc.).  Click BOOK NOW to see rates, duration & availability.  For further questions, please use our contact form below. Basic use does not include content produced for advertising, film&tv, or music videos. 

ADVERTISING / FILM & TV / MUSIC VIDEO USE 🎬💰  Please use our contact form below to inquire about a custom quote. Tell us (1) who is the client? (2) how many people on set, (3) where the content will be distributed, (4) and how many people are expected on set, and (5) when you want to book.

MY INTENDED USAGE IS NOT LISTED HERE: Please use our contact form below to inquire about a custom quote to rent our Toronto photo studio.

For more details:

Please see our packages in more detail by clicking on BOOK NOW and choosing the package which you’d like to know rent. There you will see more details!

If you have more questions feel free to also view our STUDIO FYI page or contact us before renting our photography studio.

Rent Pro Lighting Kits (optional)

Rent Professional Photo Lighting with your studio rental.

FLASH HEADS: We have 3x Paul C. Buff DB800 flash heads.  These are professional studio flash/strobes available for rent with your studio time (optional).  All flash heads come with stands & remote wireless triggers.

CONSTANT LIGHTS: 5500K white LED ceiling lights, Neon-blue LED decorative lights.

LIGHT MODIFIERS: softbox, stripbox, v-flats, parabolic reflectors, umbrellas, beauty dish, barn doors, reflective cones, and more.

BLUE LIGHT STUDIO: turn your studio rental blue, with our optional electric blue lights.

For more details on our Toronto photo studio rental:

Please see our RENT PRO LIGHTING KITS page, or if you’re ready then BOOK NOW to rent our Toronto photo studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book THAT Toronto Studio?

To check available times and to Instant-Book the studio:   

  • 1.  From our homepage, click the BOOK NOW button.
  • 2. Select your desired length package based on your required usage.
  • 3. Click on any date to display available start times for that package on that date.
  • 4. Check off any boxes of additional extras you might need (e.g. light rental, extra time, etc.), BEFORE selecting your desired date and start time.  Then click Continue.
  • 5. Secure your spot via Credit Card immediately to confirm your booking.   If you have any questions or concerns call me at +1 416-277-6355.  
  • *The average booking time is based on repeat customers who have saved their credentials on file with us via our secure booking system. 


Do I have to rent your lights

Nope.  You’re welcome to shoot with available light, or bring your own lights.

Will I be sharing THAT Toronto Studio with other clients?

Nope.  You will have exclusive use of the studio during your scheduled booking, as we do not double book. 

Does anyone live inside the studio?

We used to when we were first starting off, but not anymore. We are a professional Toronto photo studio rental.

Where can I park?

Please see the parking map in STUDIO FEATURES and WHERE TO PARK.

Still have questions?

Please either see our Studio FYI page, or if it’s a package related question then click BOOK NOW and click on the package about which you’d like more information.


I'm not sure. I'm new to this.

No worries!  We’ll explain.

We are a photo studio rental in Toronto.

This means we rent THAT Toronto Studio out to anyone who wants to take pictures inside of the coolest photography studio in Toronto.  So, if you’re looking to rent a fully-equipped and furnished hard loft studio in the GTA, you can go ahead and BOOK NOW.

I want a Toronto Photographer to capture some portraits. 📸

If you searched for photo studio Toronto and found us, then you’re looking for a Toronto photographer who can capture your desired images..

Not to worryyou’ve also come to the right place since we can recommend photographers who have worked with us before, and we have one photographer in each specialty.

Here is our recommended list of TORONTO PHOTOGRAPHERS.

No thanks, I have my own.

Perfect.  As the best fully-equipped boutique photography studio rental in Toronto, we look forward to hosting you and your team.

If your photographer doesn’t have their own set of lights, please navigate to RENT PRO LIGHTING KITS to see what we have available.  Don’t worry, you’ll be able to rent the lights when you schedule your appointment by clicking BOOK NOW.

Yes please. Help me find one for my needs.

Amazing! We have a roster of photographers whose work we love.  Here is our shortlist of Toronto Photographers:

  • SARIENA LUY – Portraits & Events
  • DANIEL CAMER – Commercial & Products (also does video)
  • For more names please see our recommended talent page.


If you are a Toronto photographer and would like to be considered for our roster, please contact us using our contact form below.


Watch our free video walk-thru video of THAT Toronto Studio so you can spend less time on logistics, and more time shooting.  If you still want to schedule a tour, please text our studio manager, Sariena.


Either click on CHECK RATES & AVAILABILITY or click on any Instant Book button.  Both methods allow you to check prices and the schedule in our calendar, before making a booking.  You can instant book in under a minute if you create an account with us, making future bookings super simple and seamless.

THAT Toronto Studio is amazing and clean!  And despite this being primarily a rental studio for photos, after seeing the beautifully abundant natural light, I decided to rent dozens of sessions at THAT Toronto Studio to film my TV show!  Best of all it’s easily accessable, and in a convenient area located just close enough to downtown Toronto without all the traffic.

Cherene Francis

Producer, Rogers TV


THAT Toronto Studio | Toronto Photo Studio for Rent


  • Hours
  • 6am - 11pm Daily
  • Customer Service
  • Call for general inquiries, booking help, special requests, and emergencies.
  • +1 416-277-6355 - Daniel (calls only)
  • (Click to text via WhatsApp)
  • Studio Manager
  • Text for scheduling a studio tour. Call Sariena in case of emergency ONLY.
  • +1 647-546-2241  - Sariena (text only)
  • (Click to text via WhatsApp)

Ready to book?

Let’s go!  It’s easy, and you’ll be booking the best rated photography studio in Toronto. We have not only furniture, but also have fully functional lighting setups which will add a ton of production value to any shoot!