How to use: THAT Toronto Studio

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Watch the video for full instructions on how to use THAT Toronto Studio

We suggest to watch this video BEFORE your rental, so that you don’t encounter any surprises on the day of your shoot!


– where the studio is actually located (drone footage, and show parking lots and street parking)

– Getting in from front of building, go upstairs smoothly

– Unlocking door. Not sharing combo with anyone except the person who’s first opening the space. Liability for you since your code gets assigned uniquely to you so if shared and studio broken into, it’s traceable to you.

– Outdoor shoes off, especially in the winter.  We suggest bringing a fashionable pair of indoor shoes!

– Lights

– Makeup mirror

– Bathroom changeroom

– No going upstairs

– Using A/C

– Bluetooth

– TV

– Curtains, mention mom made them please be careful no food or drinks near them it would break her heart.

– Show backrops & Vflats,

– Ladder safety

– Locking up is simple, just make sure door is closed.

– Just do a quick sweep of the floor ( 2 mins), and turn off ALL the lights!

Now you know how our studio works!  May as well secure your spot before someone else does!


THAT Toronto Studio | Toronto Photo Studio for Rent


  • Hours
  • 6am - 11pm Daily
  • Customer Service
  • Call for general inquiries, booking help, special requests, and emergencies.
  • +1 416-277-6355 - Daniel (calls only)
  • (Click to text via WhatsApp)
  • Studio Manager
  • Text for scheduling a studio tour. Call Sariena in case of emergency ONLY.
  • +1 647-546-2241  - Sariena (text only)
  • (Click to text via WhatsApp)