How to: Using Seamless Backdrops

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Ever struggle with using seamless paper roll backgrounds?

Here’s how to avoid expensive mistakes when using seamless backdrops and all about how to use them.  We think you’ll enjoy this tutorial, and it’ll save you a lot of money as well.

– How to mount, dismount, and avoid having it unroll entirely. Mount in direction you want it to go, use dowel, have someone hold it. Clip it one side, in front. Use ladder.

– How to use it to avoid paying a ton (tape the end down, dont roll paper into itself at the end since billed from the end piece of what gets cut)

– How to conserve paper and not step on it. Most studios will let you use it for free if not consumed.

– How to store respectfully, differing studios vary but always tape it closed on the ends.

– How to cut easily. On floor is easier then while on mount. Always measure amount used, tell the studio owner, then dispose of paper yourself.


Now you’re a paper roll expert! Come practice your skills at our studio. Book your spot now before someone else does!


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