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So you’re looking for parking?  There’s plenty.

It all just depends on what you feel like doing.  Have a read at our custom made map here, dated to just before Halloween ’19.  We do not warrant that this map is accurate and that you will not receive any infractions or tickets.  This is simply a guide, which you agree to use at your own risk.  Always read the signs, ask around, and use common sense.


  •  IMPARK Theatre Parking Lot is paid. dundas carlaw off carlaw
  • ★ We actually prefer free parking though, so have a look at the map to see where you can park for free!  Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any tickets you may receive–it is up to you and your best judgment in conjunction with reading the appropriate signs to minimize your chances of receiving a parking ticket.  Park at your own risk.
  • ★ Yellow parking, we’ve had luck with. Only receiving 1 ticket in 9 months of parking there.
  • ★ Green parking, should be fine.  Just follow the instructions on the signs for any restrictions. 
  • ★ Blue parking, is usually preferred, as this is closest to the studio and is free after 6pm. 
  • ★ Purple parking, is the underground  theatre IMPARK and is accessible off the East side of Carlaw, just North of Dundas.  The turn to get in is between two buildings.
  • ★ Red parking, is for daredevils only. You can park there, but you’ll eventually get a ticket.  The only question is, how long til you do?


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