VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to book THAT Toronto Studio in under a minute.

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Here’s a video walk-through of how easy it is to book.

Don’t wait and play phone tag to find out available dates and times.  Watch this video to find out how to see our live availability and book on the spot without having to wait, then get instant confirmation once you’ve booked!

Now that you know how to book, wouldn’t it be a good idea to secure your spot now, before someone else does?


THAT Toronto Studio | Toronto Photo Studio for Rent


  • Hours
  • 6am - 11pm Daily
  • Customer Service
  • Call for general inquiries, booking help, special requests, and emergencies.
  • +1 416-277-6355 - Daniel (calls only)
  • (Click to text via WhatsApp)
  • Studio Manager
  • Text for scheduling a studio tour. Call Sariena in case of emergency ONLY.
  • +1 647-546-2241  - Sariena (text only)
  • (Click to text via WhatsApp)