How to: Use Pro Lighting (Alienbees)

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How to use


FILM IN FRONT OF YELLOW BACKDROP. USE 2x DIGIBEES TO LIGHT ME, and one B1600 for the background.  Need 1 digibee for demo and 1 alienate for demo.

Basics demonstrated on an Alienbee light. The best balance of the most affordable, durable, high quality pro and amateur light, in my opinion.

– Open a stand, properly. Place sandbag on to avoid tipping.

– How to mount light to stand. How to pivot light up and down. Different types of stands, show ceiling mounted stands and stress importance of keeping them tight and failsafed.  Only use ceiling mounted if you’re a pro. Show how to move up and down on ceiling stand, show ratchet lock.

– How to use the back panel, what each part of the back panel means. Show B1600 and DB800 both panels at the same time.  Zoom in, have both in frame.

– How to mount modifiers, and different type of modifiers. NEVER turn on light with plastic shield on, and ALWAYS have plastic shield on when modifier not mounted. Demonstrate with cone, and mount umbrella holes, and show pin. Example umbrella, choke 2/3 of way.

– How to mount and use triggers. Explain about the PC sync cable but suggest triggers instead. Cheap Atlases are all you need!

– To see an actual demonstration of the lights in action, check out our next video here.

Great!  Now you’re a pro! Come practice your skills at our studio.  Book now before someone else grabs your spot!


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