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THAT Toronto Studio | Toronto Photo Studio for Rent


  • Hours
  • 6am - 11pm Daily
  • Customer Service
  • Call for general inquiries, booking help, special requests, and emergencies.
  • +1 416-277-6355 - Daniel (calls only)
  • (Click to text via WhatsApp)
  • Studio Manager
  • Text for scheduling a studio tour. Call Sariena in case of emergency ONLY.
  • +1 647-546-2241  - Sariena (text only)
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THAT Toronto Studio is Toronto’s best choice for your hourly/daily photography studio rental needs.

Meet Sariena: she’s what keeps the studio a well-oiled machine. Meet Daniel: he’s the founder of THAT Toronto Studio.

Meet THAT Toronto Studio: Established in 2016, it has made a strong push towards being an industry leader and elevating the bar to achieve the top customer satisfaction in Toronto, and it shows–we’re the best reviewed studio in all of the Greater Toronto Area, and last we checked, all of Canada.

So when deciding to rent a photo studio in Toronto, we suggest you book THAT Toronto Studio!  And if you’re not convinced, may we tempt you with having some of the most gorgeous natural light of all studios in Toronto?  Our big loft windows with lots of light allow for the most stunning naturaly-lit photos!

And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, our studio comes alive after dark!  The electric blue lights illuminate our studio with a hip and techno vibe!  Watch our walk-thru video below to see for yourself!

Still have questions?  Reach out ASAP via a phone call, or email us in the rare event we were dozing off when you called!